This agreement is a equal for the licence to use our Designs & Developments.

These are the terms of our agreement together:

1. Purpose and Authorization. The Client is engaging Right Design, for the purpose of developing and/or improving a website to be installed on the clients web space on a web hosting services computer. The Client authorizes Right Design to access this account, and authorizes the web hosting service to provide Right Design with "write permission" for the Clients web space.

2. Website Content. The Client agrees to provide Right Design ALL content for the website such as text, images, video and sound in electronic format. All content is to be arranged by each web page. You can also provide us with the other media files that is to be included in your site.

3. Web Hosting. The Client understands that any web hosting services require a separate contract with a web hosting service. The Client agrees to select a web hosting service which allows Right Design full access to the website. The Client understands that certain features may need to be activated and/or purchased from the web hosting service in order for the web site to function properly.Only for NPS, we will arrange the hosting along with the Domain.

Project title:
Web design and development for client's project.

Project description:
The project will involve designing a website for client's project, a widget wholesaler from Inverness. The website will be designed to the very highest standard and will reflect client's project established corporate identity.

We would undertake to do the following:
Planning and wireframes, Photoshop design of homepage look and feel, based wireframes & client suggestions. we will use photoshop, dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Wordpress, php etc. to complete full website. HTML5 will be working in all kind of new mobile media devices. In our own creation, we will do e-commerce websites etc.Up to 3 alternative look-and-feel versions are included in the quote. Image Research. Design of up to 5 interior page templates, based on signed off wireframes. Up to 10 iterations of each are included in the quote as standard.Coding and cross-browser testing of all templates. Extensive cross-browser testing at multiple resolutions.

We anticipate the client has a relatively small number of high-value customers. Therefore it is worth considering creating some custom-designed email newsletter and promotional templates to keep in touch with the customers and increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Online calls such as Skype, Viber, Teamviewer training, Training through the phonecalls and CMS user guide (generally delivered as training videos) is included within the budget.

We would anticipate the project taking 14 -24 days to complete(Timescale may varies depends upon the project). Clients must co-operate to complete the project within time. The exact speed of design & development will be affected by client turnaround times, for example responding to designs etc.

About Right Design
We're developing that helps our clients get impressive results from their websites. We believe what matters about a company's website isn't how pretty it is or how clever the programming is, it's how successful the site is. And that's why we would like to work with you over a reasonable period of time to gradually improve the results your website achieves.

The team
We have a team of full-time staff, and a network of freelancers we call on for specific expertise or to assist when we get busy. Our core team consists of:

Core team:
Creative designer, Web designer and Web developer.


Website design & development
Budget will be made based on the choices that you have been chosen in the invoice form on placing your order.

Image research is included in the budget. The price of purchasing images or custom photography is additional. All image purchases will be agreed with the client in advance.

Copy writing
Copy is to be supplied by the client, therefore we have not quoted for it. Should additional copy be required we shall be happy to quote for it.

The dull stuff


A 50% deposit is due prior to project commencement. The balance is payable on completion.We aren't currently VAT registered.


A 40% deposit is due prior to project commencement. The balance is payable on completion.We aren't currently VAT registered.


A Full payment of deposit is due prior to project commencement. We aren't currently VAT registered.

Payment options (Only for SPO)
30% - after project commencement agreement
30% - after design prototype
20% - after completing website with all reviews
20% - before launching website in live. (Or)
Monthly payment: 500 per month.

Copy Rights ©
All the documents produced for the website are sole property of the Right Design. Customers are requested to understand the Rule of an authorship. Since, We have created a website for you and it does not means that the design is yours. So Copying, publishing, selling and using them for other purposes are prohibited. Violation of an authorship or any abuse on copyrights will be results in a fine 1500. If you want the authorship of the site, you need to submit it in writing and it costs 5000

All process will strictly as per contract terms. Any changes could be made after direct discussion with our clients. Most of our clients appreciate our punctuality in our services.Please Note, that the Website Design rights belongs to Right Design ( Any changes or access to your web design coding without informing us, completely void the warranty.

Please pay the amount within 10 days, if once PDF has been generated. If we didn't received any payment from your side for a long time, then we will hold your project until we receives the payment.We will intimate you 4 times about this scenario. Initially We will send the attention(Zahlungserinnerung). It costs 5. In case of you ignore this attention we will send you 3 remainders(Mahnung). The cost of those 3 remainders will be 10,15,20 respectively. Later if this scenario continues then we will stop our service.If you want us to activate our service again, the reactivation chargers will be added including all of your balance.The charge of Reactivation will be 100.

Package Cancellation
Initially, no deactivation charge will be there. But you have to intimate us about your cancellation before 2 months.If you are using SBS,NPS package, then you need to pay full payment. (You must intimate us about your cancellation either by e-mail or by sending a postal letter)

Contract Cancellation
If the contract has been cancelled within one month from the date of contract placed, then you must pay 200 € for the contract cost. Else if your cancellation exceeds one month from the date of contract placed, then you must pay the full amount of the contract. So please decide well before you place your contract. If once the contract has been placed, then this terms and conditions are strictly applicable.

We assure that we will not share the personal details and other documents of the clients with anyone.

1) Webhosting is NOT Inclusive.
2) When we suppose to added new version into the agreement we will inform to client without agreed we are not follow new version.
3) The Design by Right design can be removed on your Website, at a cost of 5000.
4) All the correspondents with the Website Name be kept secret and confidential

Thanks for considering working with us. We really appreciate it! If you've got any questions, just contact / mail us and we'll clear your questions.

Email:     Call: +41 81 508 50 52     Skype ID: rightdiary