Frequently Asked Questions

We would anticipate the project taking 14 -24 days to complete(Timescale may varies depends upon the project). Clients must co-operate to complete the project within time. The exact speed of design & development will be affected by client turnaround times, for example responding to designs etc.

All the documents produced for the website are sole property of the Right Design. Customers are requested to understand the Rule of an authorship. Since, We have created a website for you and it does not means that the design is yours. So Copying, publishing, selling and using them for other purposes are prohibited. Violation of an authorship or any abuse on copyrights will be results in a fine €1500. If you want the authorship of the site, you need to submit it in writing and it costs €5000

Initially, no deactivation charge will be there. But you have to intimate us about your cancellation before 2 months.If you are using SBS,NPS package, then you need to pay full payment.

If we didn’t received any payment from your side for a long time, then we will hold your project until we receives the payment.We will intimate you 4 times about this scenario. Initially We will send the attention(Zahlungserinnerung). It costs €5.

In case of you ignore this attention we will send you 3 remainders(Mahnung). The cost of those 3 remainders will be €10,€15,€20 respectively.